Arnhemmers op een lijn
In 2009 the artwork “De Arnhemse Meisjes” [The Arnhem-Girls] went on tour in the city of Arnhem for 5 months, travelling over a random but absolutely straight line drawn between its North and South border. To find shelter for the Girls during each of those 22 weeks, the artist himself had rung the bell at the houses exactly on the line. With a majority of positive responses! Every week there was a transfer of the Girls by their host parents to their new address. Students of ArtEZ made photographs of what they saw happening, host parents themselves cumulatively logged what they had experienced. The result: a cross-section of emotions of the city! After a 1 month exposition in Musis Sacrum of the 50 most telling pictures… the Girls were allowed to chose their own places to stay under the condition of never crossing any Arnhem-border. By now the artwork is on journey for more than 5 years already, criss-cross through town, at the moment at its 9th address.